Thank you!

We had a very successful Wine to Water event at the first annual Kentucky Spring Wine Festival at LCW.

Two Hundred Thirty (230) people will now be able to treat over Six Million Seventy-two Thousand (6,072,000) gallons of water for drinking and cooking purposes.  Lives will be saved and strengthened thanks to your generosity and participation.

In addition to Lake Cumberland Winery five other wineries participated in support of the Festival and Fundraiser.  They were:  Gary Haddle, Up the Creek Winery in Cumberland Co.; Jeff and Debbie Wiles, Cedar Creek Winery in Pulaski Co.;  Zane and Amy Burton, Sinking Valley Winery in Pulaski Co.;  Bob and Ann Karsner, Horseshoe Bend Winery in Washington Co. and Dan and Ronni Crocker, Crocker Farm Winery in Simpson Co.  Be sure and thank these folks when you visit their wineries.

LCW wishes to recognize and express our appreciation to the musicians that offered their talent and time to the cause:  Karin-Rochelle, June Burton, Wanda Fries, Joe LaMay and Sherri Reece and Michael Johnathon and his wife Melissa.

Thanks to the "Odds n' Ends" Homemakers Club for their delicious contributions of various goodies to the celebration.  Congratulations to them on the 100th Anniversary of Extension Service in the United States.