Help us turn Wine To Water at the Kentucky Spring Wine Festival

Press Release for immediate release.  We need help turning Wine To Water!
Saturday, March 22, 2014  For more info:
Norrie Wake, Lake Cumberland Winery
606-348-5253 or email
Yours truly with the system that will
provide 1,000,000 liters of clean water

        Lake Cumberland Winery will host the first annual Kentucky Spring Wine Festival.  It will be a fundraiser to benefit Wine To Water™ and will be held at 122 Cedar Lane Farm, Cumberland Ridge Road, Monticello, KY, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Other participating wineries are Cedar Creek Winery (Jeff and Debbie Wiles), Sinking Valley Winery (Zane and Amy Burton) and Up the Creek Winery (Gary and David Haddle). 

     On Saturday, March 22, these four Small Farm Wineries located in South Central Kentucky will join together to draw attention to the worldwide crisis concerning the lack of clean drinking water.

     Norrie Wake, owner of Lake Cumberland Winery said: “We are blessed in southern Kentucky to be surrounded by rivers, streams and beautiful lakes full of good clean water.  We take it for granted and sometimes forget that there are places in the world where women and children must walk four and five miles each day just to get fresh water to drink and cook with.”  

This is the system. Sawyer filter and a
5 Gallon Bucket.  So simple.  
     Wine To Water™ is a non-profit aid organization focused on providing clean water to people in need around the world. Today, nearly 800 million people in the world lack access to adequate water and 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation. Somewhere in the world a child dies every 20 seconds as a result of drinking contaminated water.  The folks at Wine to Water are devoted to fighting this epidemic. Wine symbolizes good fortune in our society.  Wine To Water’s goal is to give the fortunate population (that’s us) an opportunity to fight for those who can't fight for themselves.

     In the 10 years that Wine To Water™ has been in existence it has brought fresh drinking water to more than 250,000 people, dug 500 wells and provided 25,000 filters.  One filter kit costs approximately $65 and will provide a family of ten with ten years of clean drinking water. That is over one million liters.

     Your purchase of a wine tasting, wine by the glass or a bottle of Kentucky vintage wines made by the local wineries will help raise funds to buy forty water purification systems to be donated to Wine To Water™.  You will receive a Rebate Certificate at the time of your qualified purchase which will go to Wine To Water™.  

     It will be a fun day full of activities.  We are planing a Water Bucket Relay (you and your team carry a bucket of water without spilling)  A Deep Well water lift.  Put a team together! Decorate your bucket and enter the contest.  Your challenge is to raise enough community support to buy one filter system. 
     The event will take place at Lake Cumberland Winery near Conley Bottom Resort in Wayne Co. Kentucky. The "Directions" tab above will show you how to get to the winery.  We will celebrate  rain or shine.   Musicians, Craft-persons and Artisans are invited to submit an application for a site at the festival.  Please contact any of the participating wineries for more information or call or write Norrie Wake at 606-348-5253 or