Thanks for a great celebration!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to wish us well on Vineyard Day!  We had a great day and the weather was wonderful.  We will plan  to do this every year.

Spring is in full bloom and the vines are going crazy.  To celebrate I will be fix'n Sangria by the glass for Saturday with Black Jester (Cab Franc/Cab Sav blend).  It was a real hit on Vineyard Day and you asked how to make it:  One orange in sections squeezed, one lemon in sections squeezed, two TBSs of sugar, the bottle of wine of course, dump it all together and let it marinate overnight in the frig. Before serving add two cups of ginger ale, strain into clean glasses and float a nice slice of orange on the top (you can pour over ice).  This should make about six 8 oz. glasses of Sangria.

See you this weekend!